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20 Awesome Logo Designs Showing Symmetry

Article by Claudia  on February 27th, 2012 – Nenunocreative Digital Magazine .

The logo of Mixedpome is an illustration of a pome or an apple. The image contains a mirror image of two seeds contained in the fruit that is outlined by three colors. The design is interesting and translates the name from word to image successfully.

10 Great Examples of Logo Designs Showing Symmetry

Mixedpome is a brilliant logo that shows three different colored apples encased one inside the other. This logo would be a great one for online marketing and designing companies that offer a lot of services, as is evident by the multiple apples making one single apple..

Brilliant Examples of Logo Designs Showing Symmetry

Mixed Pome is a logo with a superb melange of colors. The logo shows three apples inside one another with a portion right in the middle representing the seed. The red, orange and yellow apples in the middle of a brown background make the entire logo striking. This logo would be perfect for any company that is engaged in lot of activities.


Showcase of Creative Symmetrical Logos

Article by Yanuar Prisantoso.  on February 27th, 2012 –

There are technically no rules when it comes to logo designing. A good logo is one that can easily register to one’s impression or memory and it should easily associate with the company’s vision – even when it’s a very simple logo. It is essential because it is a very effective for marketing and branding purposes. Today we are showcasing some examples of rather unique and creative logo type – the symmetrical logo.