Web Content Writing

Effective web content rules the new media, the web. Mixedpome Solutions helps you to make your own Associated Press, that is, your content marketing engine online.

Using the web content to attract the visitor and pull him towards you, you need specialized hands that can play with words and web at equal pace. Mixedpome Solutions proudly own such a team with us to write about you to light you up in web. Mixedpome Solutions encrypts you in the web never with a keyword-stuffed boring text but in a tell-tale stuff pleased to the searcher as well as the search engines.

Technical writing

Technical writing demands technical as well as literary awareness at its best to clarify the technical ambiguity to the common man in general terminology. Be it finance, technology, construction or various science topics discussing with the technical experts and the customer our Technical content writing team lays out a colorful content that can lure and retain your customers to your website. Through procedural technical writing we translate complex technical concepts into a series of simple terms and steps. It often involves attractive layouts for easy reading and comprehension to grasp the text easily.

SEO Content writing

Well-versed in search engine chemistry our SEO web writers craft a website content rich for search engine optimization plus factual information. Merging technology into linguistics we make the text reader-friendly as well as search-engine friendly. Better visibility on the web is the key factor in SEO content writing. Judicious and careful use of key words to make the content key word-rich (never key-word packed) is the prime priority while we do your SEO content.

Blog writing

A dynamic interactive medium, blog provides a space for the readers to comment under each article. This is the actual feedback you get directly and you can make necessary changes in your strategies accordingly. A consistent increase in traffic can be assured if you put sensible writing in the web. Our writers well-versed in target-oriented writing will be there to support you on demand.

Web Copy writing

Mixedpome Solutions provides web copy writing for personal as well as business websites.We structure web copy as an answering tool for the website user.

Press release writing

Good Press Releases provides significant media coverage in newspapers, news wires and popular websites. But to get into the meager space and slots of the precious media coverage, you have to nail down a nice newsworthy topic which the media persons also are interested in. So, to write a good Press Release you must know the media industry well. Mixedpome Solutions owns a pool of juniors who know how to hook a media to grab the attention of the reader as well as the editor.

Newsletter Writing

Newsletter is the most sophisticated link and the ‘feel good’ tool that connects you and your company to your customers in this e-world of business and personal communication. We prepare updated newsletters in crispy language with information-rich content. Hence it won’t ever fall in the trash box.