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Managing Director

An insightful initiator and a fair motivator with sunny and humane attitude—He keeps tabs on the seasoned professionals of Team Mixedpome.
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Ghazal Ravi


An ambitious and inventive techie, he ignites the sparks of innovation in Mixedpome to play in the big league. A first in many ways, he dons the role of the Master Architect in.
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Chief Administrative Officer
A dashingly responsible debonair she meticulously shoulders the risks and consequences against all odds.
Sree Syam
Creative Art Director
A blessed creative designer & visualizer with the blend of hands on creative approach towards his work.
Senior Web Designer
Eloquently focused and constructive, he blows life into Mixedpome designs steadily adding sterling projects into the cache.
Sreeja Raman
Copy Writer
A highly creative escritor with dynamism in her words. She comes up with stupendous works which synchronizes the thoughts of the team.
Html/CSS Developer
A well-organized greenhorn who is on a hunt to redefine how much worth the salad days.
Princy Thomas
Accounts Executive
Associate Creative Director