Why Hire a Creative Branding & Ad Agency ?

Posted by mcs on22.01.2013

A time when all the marketing and ad companies crow “‘we brand you”’, it is definitely a challenging business to pick out a real branding company that develops a brand identity and find a niche in the marketplace for the client. The job becomes tougher thanks to the unavoidable need of ‘being branded’ out of the mess. Thus it becomes imminent for the client to hire an Advertisement and Branding agency to come up with an advertising strategy and to create actual advertising, such as print ads or television commercials.

With expertise and professionalism, a true ad agency or branding company can give fresh perspective into the third layer of customers. Such an ad agency or branding company can keep its client copiously updated on the daily big issues come across saving from the boring details of project and product executions

Once got tied up with a genuine ad agency, the client gets a break to relax and brood over the creation and discuss the same with the art director of the ad agency. In such instances, the agency becomes the part of the creation of the product or the brand. In fact, most product or service launches today are accompanied by an advertising or branding agency, because such a partnership is the only way a company can successfully introduce a new product or service. An instance of the airline Song is a good example. It was not just a small, growing airline with an emerging image, but rather a brand where everything—including colours, logo, story, and message —was created before the company ever bought an airplane.

The relationship between client and agency is very important for a director to understand because, contrary to what the client might expect, decisions are not always made in the best interest of the product or the commercial. A company may have several advertising agencies, particularly if there are several brands.

In brief, a company hires an ad agency to increase its sales, and the agency comes up with advertising that is intended to do just that. One of the best venues the agency can use is a television commercial. The client may ask for a commercial, or may be hesitant about employing such an expensive method. In any case, the ad agency creates a number of concepts for the commercial for the effective marketing and pitches them to their client. Usually, the commercial is tied into the marketing strategy from the start.

More often than not, the commercial is actually the centerpiece of the campaign. There may even be an entire series of commercials, called a television campaign. After the agency has created many concepts, they pitch a few to their clients also. The client signs a commercial and charges the ad agency with production. This is where the commercial director comes in. What happens before this point is usually beyond the director’s knowledge or influence, although it often has a bearing on his work.

Most of the creative companies now follow this strategy to have a helping hand with creative ad agencies, incorporate their innovative ideas into the skilled creativity with which the director of the ad agencies are often concomitant with. Hence comes the result they are dreaming of—a worthy niche in the marketing place and a memorizing icon among the ad campaigns.

That is why everyone is behind this hiring trend; because no one wants to stay behind.